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    Cooking class in Agrigento of typical Sicilian and Agrigento cuisine.

    Every time I brought a dish to the table, the guests always asked me how to cook …
    They photographed it from every corner of the plate and then wrote down the ingredients and preparation information I provided on their smartphone.

    One day some Canadian tourists asked me to give them a Sicilian cooking lesson
    They told me that if they really wanted to taste a dish, they first had to know the “spirit” and the “secrets” of the traditional local cuisine, and there was no better way than to learn how to cook it.

    Since then, I often hold Cooking Classes of Sicilian and Sicilian cuisine: the tourists who take part in it – adults and children – are enthusiastic about the experience … you should see them there, each with their own aprons TASTE DI GIRGENTI, and in their different languages, to clean the sardines for the beccafico, to pull the fresh pasta for the Cavateddri, to stuff squid, to mix the rice for the Arancini and roll out the dough for the cannoli.

    The lessons, which take place in my house,but also in other accommodation facilities or other private homes, have a duration of about 4 hours, at the end of which the participants have lunch, or dinner, with the dishes they have prepared and others prepared by me.

    I will teach you the techniques of preparation and how to choose the right ingredients to make an excellent Sicilian dish and, perhaps, I will introduce you with important Sicilian chefs, who will transmit you the tricks of the original dishes of our kitchen

    I look forward to meet you!


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