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    a dinner with Pirandello

    13th July 2019

    An unforgettable and exclusive EXPERIENCE on the occasion of the 152th year of the birth of Luigi Pirandello.

    The re-enactment of a Girgenti diner from the beginning of the twentieth century, laden with meat and fish preparations, with sweet and sour variations, but also with poor dishes made with vegetables from the country and foods of other times, which have now become impossible to find gourmet refinements.

    Diners will be the guests together with Luigi Pirandello, played by the theatrical actor (Pippo Alvaro), with an impressive resemblance to the famous Nobel Prize.
    By his side 3 women: housekeeper Nina (Giusy Alaimo), Marta Abba, the inspiring muse (played  Susy Indelicato) and his wife, Antonietta, (the talented Giovanna Messina, also the author of the piece).


    Aromas in batter, Caponata di Melanzane, Fried bread and “Pani cunzatu”, “Nunnata” meatballs, Sarde a Beccafico

    first course
    Tinnirumi” Soup with olio Taibi

    second course
    Lemon mullet on a bed of sea asparagus “Zuzzu” pork jelly

    side dish
    Giurgintana salad

    fruits and icre cream
    Watermelon and lemon Granita with “brioscia cu’ tuppu

    wine and drinsks
    Wine – Water – Coffee – Rosolio di “lumie

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