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    My SAPORI DI GIRGENTI (name taken from among those that Agrigento has had over the centuries), is not a simple place to eat, but a real emotional and cultural experience, thanks to which one knows the thousand flavors of the ancient dishes of Agrigento and Sicily, rediscovered by me and repeated in exclusive convivial …

    My house is a stone’s throw from the Valley of the Temples, here I offer a home cooking to guests from all over the world, simple and old, made of original recipes and pregnant perfumes, sometimes sour and sometimes delicious.

    Many also come to learn the secrets of our dishes, wear my aprons and take part in the Sicilian cooking classes that I hold for them.

    They pull the fresh pasta by hand, as they did in the past, prepare the tomato sauce, work the beccafico sardines and prepare delicious cannoli.

    At my table the palate is delighted with the sweet and sour caponata of seasonal vegetables, with the best citrus fruits and local vegetables, with pasta with sardines, fennel and toasted crumbs or fresh cavateddri (cavatelli) with tomato sauce, aubergines , salt ricotta and basil, with the tasty meat of the Sicani Mountains, with the baroque triumph of brusciuluni, with sardines on the “tile”, purpu stricasali of our Mediterranean, the arancine, the fried bread, the babbaluci (snails) and offal, with its majesty the cassata, with the most selected wines, the Sicilian grappa made with Nero d’Avola, the home-made rosoli or granita.

    Between a dish and the other one we talk of Pirandello and its novels, of the Leopard of Tomasi di Lampedusa, of the works of Sciascia, of the novels of Camilleri or of the thousand, marvelous, resources that this land offers.

    The well-being at the table, with the guests, is an ancient cult, which today – for modernity – the Anglo-Saxons call social-eating (socializing at the table), while for me it is Sicily; that Sicily that always evokes, in the traveler of all time, the charm of its thousand-year history, its culture, its extraordinary monuments, scattered throughout the Island to attest to the many dominations that have created the deepest spirit of this wonderful corner of the world.

    At my home the welcome and the hospitality are an ancient tradition that lasts… I look forward to see you